Déploiement d'Ully

L'application Ully poursuit sont déploiement en outre-mer et en France hexagonale. Avec une pré-couverture sur les îles de Guadeloupe, et les communautés urbaines de Toulouse Métropole et de Rennes Métropole.



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  • Guest (Nancy Phillips)

    The works by Mr. Lewis have always attracted me with their topicality, and his civic stand is the reason why I became a specialist in ecology. I am glad that his ideas will be used to change the situation of environment protection in our world.

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  • Guest (Russell Hughes)

    I do not support Jerry C. Lewis in everything he does, but his latest ideas and initiatives are really worthy ones. I hope they can be implemented in the world's governmental acts without any difficulties. The issue of climate regulation and environmental protection is now the most critical one.

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